What is Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring, also known as hybrid vinyl flooring, incorporates the mixed characteristics of waterproof vinyl planks and durable laminate timber floors, to allow for a beautifully authentic design, engineered to withstand the test of time.

Hybrid flooring which is stocked and sold at Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, Melbourne, includes a combination of supreme durability, realistic textures and exciting visuals to bring you flooring that meets your lifestyle demands.

Hybrid Vinyl Flooring, Hybrid Laminate Flooring, Hybrid Rigid Core Floors…. Confused? 

We often are asked for the differences between hybrid laminate flooring, hybrid vinyl flooring, hybrid multilayer flooring, fusion hybrid flooring, hybrid waterproof flooring & hybrid rigid core flooring.

What we want to clear up for customers is that all of the above is in reference to the same product, there is just often multiple names that people call hybrid vinyl flooring and some of the names are incorrect as well.

Types of Hybrid Flooring – Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) Flooring vs Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Flooring

At Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, we mostly stock SPC hybrid flooring but occasionally we have some WPC hybrid flooring.

It is important that we explain what the differences are between the two so you can make an informed choice when purchasing hybrid floorboards from us.

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) hybrid flooring, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank flooring, consists of multiple layers, a UV coat, a print layer, a SPC core (limestone core), and a balanced layer.

SPC hybrid floors create minimal noise when walked on and is completely waterproof, as is all our hybrid flooring.

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) hybrid flooring main difference is in the naming of the product, named for the wood-like materials it is made from, instead of the limestone core/limestone composite core, of SPC hybrid floors.

Hybrid Flooring Reviews in Australia 

Hybrid flooring is extremely popular as the latest innovation in the flooring industry not only in Australia but around the world.

The reason hybrid flooring is so popular is because it combines the best specifications of laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring and can be installed on your existing floors.

Hybrid Flooring is waterproof, durable and suitable to be installed throughout the entire home including bathroom, laundry, and kitchen.

Timber Flooring Clearance Centre is one of the first companies who introduced hybrid flooring to Australia’s flooring market.

If you are on the hunt for hybrid flooring with great reviews in Australia, look no further than Timber Flooring Clearance Centre. We stock a huge range of options that includes different colours and finishes; you are sure to find one that suits you.

When searching for hybrid flooring, understandably, you want to purchase your flooring from a company that has received many great reviews from previous customers. When shopping around, it can be hard to know if you are getting a good deal, as well as a quality product and service. With Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, our positive reviews mean that you can make your purchases with confidence whether online or in-store.

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Hybrid Flooring Pros and Cons

The pros of hybrid flooring

The pros of hybrid flooring generally outweigh the cons but if you are unsure of the below advice, please call or visit our specialist team at Timber Flooring Clearance Centre and we’ll be able to give you further expert advice on which type of flooring is recommended for your home or business.

The pros of hybrid flooring include:

  • Hybrid Flooring is waterproof
  • Hybrid floorings gives your home/office a stylish look similar to laminate flooring look
  • Hybrid Flooring is durable, great flooring if you have pets or kids
  • Hybrid Flooring comes with underlay built in, saving you the need to purchase this additional flooring  accessory
  • Hybrid Flooring is UV resistant
  • Hybrid Flooring is easy to maintain, all you need is a vacuum/broom and because hybrid floors are waterproof, they can be mopped!

The cons to consider when looking at installing hybrid flooring include:

  • Hybrid Flooring is generally more expensive than laminate flooring or vinyl flooring
  • Although very durable, hybrid flooring cannot be re-sanded. If a hybrid floorboard is damaged you need to replace the entire board.
  • The sub floor, i.e. the floor that your hybrid flooring is going on top of, needs to be dead level as it’s quite thin

Hybrid Flooring Installation and cost

One major benefit of hybrid flooring we haven’t mentioned during this article is that hybrid flooring installation is extremely easy. This makes hybrid flooring great for the D.I.Y type, allowing you to install the floors yourself, even without any prior experience!

However, if you do not feel confident installing your own hybrid flooring, the team at Timber Flooring Clearance Centre is here to help and we have different installation options to suit our customer needs.

Hybrid Flooring available at Timber Flooring Clearance Centre starts from $25m².

Hybrid Flooring - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid Flooring, also known as hybrid vinyl flooring, incorporates the mixed characteristics of waterproof vinyl planks and durable laminate timber floors, to allow for a beautifully authentic design, engineered to withstand the test of time.

Is Hybrid Flooring waterproof?

Yes, hybrid floorboards are waterproof because they combine the use of a durable protective top layer with a waterproof core. Hybrid floorboards also click together snugly, meaning that any moisture will seep between the floorboards. Hybrid floorboards work fine in bathrooms and kitchen areas.

What is the difference between WPC, SPC, Limestone Core, Limestone composite core , when it comes to choosing Hybrid Flooring?

There are two main choices when it comes to hybrid floors, Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) hybrid flooring and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) hybrid flooring.

What this refers to, is the mixture of the material to create your hybrid floorboards.

Where SPC hybrid flooring is made from a combination of Limestone core, or Limestone composite core, and vinyl; WPC hybrid flooring is made from a mixture of wood and vinyl.

This makes SPC hybrid flooring slightly more durable, however due to the slightly higher density of these floorboards, it can be seen a less comfortable that WPC hybrid flooring.

If you are unsure which type of hybrid flooring is best for your home/business, then please contact us on 03 9917 5639 or visit one of our 6 Melbourne showrooms and our flooring experts can give you the right advice.