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Do you love wooden floors?  You will quickly find that today you can pick from a huge variety of wooden floor types, styles, designs, textures and colours.  Blackbutt wooden floors are some of the best wooden flooring types you can possibly choose.
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Blackbutt is a hardwood that is now commonly used in flooring.  This type of hardwood got its name when the tree’s appearances changed after a bushfire during which the butt of the tree was significantly darkened.  The wood is made of a variety of tree species and ranges from golden yellow to pale brown.  These flooring types typically have a straight grain and even texture.

At TFCC you can buy blackbutt flooring at the best possible prices because our warehouse is stocked with the highest quality products at the best prices.

Choose From a Wide Range of the Best Blackbutt Flooring

When you visit our 1,000 sqm showroom you can view a wide selection of blackbutt plank types such as the following;

Laminate - Laminated blackbutt patterned products are scratch and water resistant and are available in different thicknesses, plank sizes, colours, and different designs.

Glue down vinyl - These glue down blackbutt patterned vinyl floors are budget-friendly and perfect for bathrooms, toilets, and laundries.

Hybrids with attached rubber underlay - Blackbutt with rubber underlay reduces noise as you move around and results in a softer feel.  The product is also waterproof.

Engineered flooring - These floors are made of a combination of hardwood blackbutt topping with a pressed wood bottom and is an affordable and easy to install flooring solution.

Matt to gloss – Our engineered blackbutt ranges are available in matt to semi to high gloss finishes so you can pick and choose the best touch for your home. 

The best way to choose the best possible flooring is by coming over our warehouse where you can touch, feel and see these products for yourself. We have our products on display in our huge warehouse and invite you to come and have a look at all the different shades and types of flooring products before you buy. 

Buy The Best Blackbutt Flooring in Melbourne

Blackbutt flooring is one of the most popular timber flooring types here in Australia. Everyone loves the natural sandstone grey hue of this wood variety and the soft grain of blackbutt results in an elegant look and feel for your flooring.

Natural blackbutt wood doesn’t come cheap, but when you shop blackbutt floorboards from Timber Flooring Clearance, you can get your floors treated to a coat of wood-look flooring that looks and feels just like the real thing.

 We sell high-quality blackbutt laminate flooring that allows you to transform your entire home from ordinary to extraordinary even though you might be renovating on a tight budget. 

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a much more affordable flooring solution that offers you plenty of benefits. This flooring is manufactured by combining multiple layers of synthetic flooring products in a laminating process. There are quite a few different types of laminated floors available that consist of unique layers. Quality laminated flooring usually has a clear UV and scratch resistant protected layer followed by a photographic layer that looks exactly like natural blackbutt. These layers are fixed to a composed melamine resin and fibreboard layer and some may have a base rubber layer. 

Laminate flooring is available in sheets or floorboards. The floorboards are preferable because they are more visually pleasing, easier to install and much more durable than thinner laminate flooring rolls. 

When these floors are professionally installed, they will offer you lots of benefits for the next 20 years.

What Are the Benefits of Blackbutt Floor Installation

Blackbutt laminate flooring offers homeowners plenty of great benefits such as the following;

  • These floors are much more affordable than natural blackbutt timber
  • The floors are water-resistant and can be used in kitchens and bathrooms without the risk of water damage
  • The blackbutt range provided by TFCC is very beautiful and offers a natural look and feel
  • Laminate flooring is highly durable and can last well over 20 years
  • These floors are very easy to maintain 
  • Many consider laminated flooring as more hygienic since bacteria, oils and other elements cannot be absorbed into the wood. 
  • These flooring types are very easy to keep clean and in good condition
  • The floors are UV protected and won’t get faded or stained as easily in areas exposed to direct sunlight
  • Laminate flooring can be installed on various base floors such as concrete, wood or in some cases, over an existing tile floor. 
  • The flooring offers you lots of comforts because unlike tile floors, these absorb impact, are smooth and offer a warmer touch. 

If you are renovating on a tight budget and still want a floor that looks superb, then you can certainly consider blackbutt laminated flooring. These floors are beautiful, luxurious, and functional and when you buy your floor from TFCC, you will get your floor materials at clearance prices and you can enjoy the most affordable installation rates.

Affordable Materials and Installation

If you are looking for the lowest blackbutt timber flooring prices, then you have come to the right place.  Timber Flooring Clearance specialises in end-of-the-line and discontinued products which are exactly why our wooden flooring products are available at such affordable prices.

You can shop our wide range of products directly from our website.  If you are looking for affordable blackbutt flooring installation, then we highly recommend you choose our laminate in place wood plank systems or our engineered blackbutt products.  These two types are some of the most affordable solutions since you can install them all on your own and even over an existing floor in order to save money on your home remodel.

For more information on our blackbutt products or our services, we welcome you to give our offices a call or to visit our showroom any day of the week. 
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