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Which Floor is best?

People often ask us “Which Floor is best?”

Flooring isn’t one size fits all and different types of flooring suit different applications.


Laminate is available in a huge variety of colours and styles! Long board, short board, single plank, multi plank, from black to white, blonde to grey, red to brown laminate runs the gamut.

Laminate is harder wearing than timber, so it won’t scratch and dent as easily. For this reason laminate flooring is often a good choice if you have children and/or pets, and for rental properties. It’s also usually the cheapest option.

Laminate is much more uniform in colour than natural timber making it a good choice if you don’t like a lot of variation in your flooring.

Laminate is popular with DIYers due to the relatively simple installation process.


Vinyl plank has had a recent surge in popularity. This isn’t your grandmother’s vinyl! Vinyl plank has a sophisticated timber look and is available in a huge range of colours and styles. Vinyl flooring is often more expensive than laminate, but it’s very hard wearing and it’s waterproof making it suitable for use in bathrooms, laundries, and toilets.

Like laminate, vinyl has a much more uniform appearance than natural timber.

Vinyl comes with different installation systems including loose-lay, glue down, and click lock.

Timber Veneer

Timber Veneer, also known as engineered timber and floating flooring is a great option if you love the look and feel of real timber. This floor has a veneer of timber on the top so you have natural timber without the drawbacks of solid flooring!

Engineered timber floating flooring is available in a huge variety of timbers. From Australian hardwoods such as blackbutt and spotted gum to European oaks. Natural timber will be much more varied in colour and grain than laminate and vinyl. Real timber is softer and will scratch and dent more easily than laminate. Some people consider these some of the beautiful characteristics of real timber, while others hate them. This all come down to personal preference. There’s no better or worse

Engineered timber sometimes comes in click system and sometimes comes with a tongue and groove installation system. Some people also choose to direct stick this to their subfloor.


Bamboo is very popular. Bamboo flooring combines a lot of the great qualities of other types of flooring. It is a natural product, that comes with a click installation system, and it’s harder wearing than timber, and it’s available in a range of colours.

Solid Timber

Solid timber has waned in popularity in recent years due to the complicated installation procedure and the issues that can arise down the track..

Solid timber is available in a range of colours. Solid timber flooring needs to be glued and secret nailed to your sub floor and professional installation is always recommended. All our solid timbers are pre-finished and don’t need top be sanded and polished onsite..

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to choose the flooring that suits your purposes, your family, and your budget best. And one you love the look of!.