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Due to us having to move out of our warehouse by May, all items now are 10% off storewide and this overrides all discounts. Also, we will not be able to offer 20% deposit to secure order and all orders need to be picked up/delivered within 2 weeks of placing your order. Until further notice, ignore anything stating otherwise below this alert and throughout the website.

Buy Quality Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring from TFCC

There is nothing better than a new floor for improving the look of any room in your home and giving it a fresh lease of life. If you are looking for a hard-wearing floor that can be used in multiple rooms in your home, hybrid vinyl flooring is a great contender.
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What are the Benefits of Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring?

At Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, we have a range of hybrid vinyl planks to choose from, including different widths and colours to create the perfect flooring for your home.

When you choose hybrid vinyl floor boards, you are getting the best of both worlds. This flooring is durable and strong because it uses both vinyl and laminate combined. Many layers are joined together to create hybrid vinyl floor planks, which is what creates such a hard-wearing floor.

The top layer of hybrid vinyl flooring ensures it is UV, dent, stain and scratch-resistant so that you can look forward to these floors still looking great in years to come.

A Huge Range of Hybrid Vinyl Planks

The next layer is decorative, meaning that there are a variety of colours and finishes to choose from so that you can find one to complement your home. With a great range on offer, you can get the look of a hardwood floor, but with more benefits.

The third layer has a waterproof core to ensure that it retains its shape and does not become water damaged.

Depending on the flooring you choose, there may also be a fourth layer which adds cushioning and sound absorption.

At TFCC, we are dedicated to finding you the right hybrid vinyl planks for your home or commercial space. With over 100,000 sqm of flooring in stock, you are sure to find one that you love, and you can usually take it away with you the same day. In the unlikely case that we do not have the floor you want in stock; we can order it for pick-up or delivery at another time.

Choose TFCC for Your Hybrid Vinyl Flooring

Once you have found a floor you love, you can make sure you do not lose it. By paying just a 20% deposit, we can store your flooring for you, which means that even if you are not currently ready to install, you can still take advantage of our great prices.

We can also offer flooring installation services should you need it. This usually costs $25m² for floating floors. Whilst we cannot offer a free quote and measure service, we can come and measure your floors for $50. This will then be deducted from your order when you come into our showroom and select your flooring.

Alternatively, you can pay a 20% deposit if you know roughly how much flooring you will need, and we will then come and measure ourselves and make any adjustments to your order as necessary.

For over twenty years, we have been providing Australia with great quality timber flooring at low prices. Come and visit us today, and you will receive a very warm welcome.
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    TFCC IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED. We will be accepting Expressions Of Interest for this domain name until 15th June, 2022 via our domain broker [email protected]

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TFCC IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED. NO ORDERS ON THIS WEBSITE WILL BE HONOURED. If you'd like to purchase this high ranking flooring domain please contact the brokerage team on [email protected]

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