Timber Flooring Installation

Timber Flooring Installation in Melbourne

When you put a floor down, you want to make sure that it is done right. Certain types of hardwood floors require the expertise of a professional whereas there are many more affordable flooring options that open up the possibility of doing the job yourself, assuming you have a knack for DIY. Timber flooring installation in Melbourne need only be considered, however, once you have made your purchase and know exactly what you have on your hands in terms of the work required to lay the floor.

Largest Flooring Installation Showroom in Melbourne

At Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, we run Victoria’s largest showroom and offer our customers the chance to walk on the displays so that you can test the different types of flooring options available to you before you buy. We are, as the name indicates, a clearance centre, which means that we can offer you flooring options that are either being discontinued, were one-off options, or are the end of the line products that will no longer be made available to the market. These are generally in stock and can be taken there and then if you wish. We also have a large range of ongoing lines and big brands which we’ll order direct from the supplier for you. This may take a few days, but means you are not limited by quantities left available and gives you an abundance of options to choose from

Victoria's Largest Timber Flooring Destination

While all our products are high-quality and come at prices that could save you a small fortune, we believe that the true value in our service is the opportunity for you to engage with the materials and see exactly how complicated or otherwise the installation of your flooring will be. This alone helps many customers decide whether or not a professional is required and therefore can save you that extra bit of money that will obviously come in handy elsewhere.

Troubleshooting Floor Installations

At TFCC, we regularly talk our customers through the variety of choices that face them.

Where solid flooring installation is concerned, Melbourne homeowners will typically require the services of a professional timber floor installer. The reason that this is a little more complicated is that solid timber has to be glued and nailed, which means that you do not have the option to install it directly onto concrete. Depending on the kind of surfaces that are in your home, this is a consideration that will undoubtedly come into play.

Vinyl & Bamboo Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is a much simpler method, as it employs a click system. The good news here is that if you are somewhat crafty and DIY-oriented, you can complete this installation without the need for a professional since no glue is required.

Bamboo floor installation is one of the main options geared specifically toward the DIY market. The same precautions apply; try it out if you are handy and seek help if you are in no way inclined toward DIY. Professional installers will be only too happy to accept your business since this is a relatively easy job to complete that is far less time-consuming than some other methods of flooring installation.

Making the Right Choice of Floor First

Although we do not complete installations ourselves, we can provide you with a list of professional installers. The choice with regards to which one you decide upon will remain entirely with you should you decide to opt for this route.

That said, regardless of the kind of materials you choose, be it a solid, bamboo or vinyl floor, the installation will be made much more affordable when you buy from TFCC. We open up the possibilities in terms of the kind of floor you can have and will most likely leave you with a few spare dollars that you can use to hire in a pro when the time comes to install it.
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Why Installation Needs to Be a Factor For Your Timber Flooring Purchase

While in the market for timber flooring, you will likely be focused on some set decision making criteria – how it looks, how durable the material is, how easy it is to maintain, how long the warranty is and of course, the total cost of the flooring based on the size of the space it is intended for. However, more often than not, a key decision-making factor slips through the cracks – the required installation method of the flooring options you are browsing.

If you are set on installing your timber flooring solution yourself, this will rule some flooring options out as their multi-faceted installation requires the skilled craftsmanship of an experienced floor installer. Tackling such flooring installations yourself could prove more costly in the long run as it can be easy to damage the flooring panels during installation.

Incorrect installation can also lead to problems with moisture retention, mould and leaks if there are any gaps left between the panels. If the correct size expansion gap is not left, you could also have problems with the floor lifting and bowing.

By understanding the required installation method and whether you need to draft in the help of an expert floor installer, you can also get a true picture of the total costs for each flooring option.

If you don’t feel confident installing the flooring yourself, we can always arrange it for you or put you in contact with reputable installers.

The Best Experts For Advice on Timber Flooring Installation Melbourne Wide

As a leading supplier of timber flooring, TFCC don’t just want to sell you any option in the showroom; we want to ensure it is the right option for your needs – in every way. That’s why we are also known as the go-to team for advice on flooring installation Melbourne wide. We advise on the best installation methods for each flooring option you are exploring, so you can make a fully educated purchase decision.

Installation methods across our flooring products range from quick, easy, no tool options to requiring a specialist set of skills and tools. To help you better understand your options, our expert team has drafted a quick guide to the installation methods for each of the most popular flooring solutions in our showroom:

Vinyl Floor Installation

Within our extensive collection of vinyl flooring are products with different installation requirements. Our glue down vinyl flooring is best installed by very comfortable and experienced DIYers or a professional installer while our loose lay and click system flooring installations are very easy to install and require basic DIY knowledge.

Bamboo Floor Installation

Bamboo flooring is a super durable flooring option. However, it is important to note that its installation requires specialist expertise. The subfloor needs to be clean, dry and level before the flooring is laid down and the flooring allowed to acclimatise. There are elements that you can tackle and help out with yourself but best that this installation is supervised by an experienced installer.

Laminate Flooring Installation

One of the most cost-effective flooring options on the market, lots of people like to try to reap some further cost savings by tackling the installation themselves. With laminate flooring, self-installation by DIY enthusiasts is totally achievable.

All of our laminate flooring options offer click flooring systems meaning you can easily take home your flooring and install it yourself. No glue is needed as the panels click into place; however, it does require some DIY skill and use of tools. Instructions for installation are included in the pack.

Engineered Floating Flooring Installation

Engineered timber floorboards can come as a click system or as tongue and groove boards which must be glued together. The click system floorboards can certainly be installed by a DIYer. However, when it comes to tongue and groove engineered flooring, we recommend that you hire a professional flooring installer to get the job done as it requires a specific skill set.
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