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Timber Flooring Clearance is an Australian-owned, family business which has been in operation since 2005.

We are the trusted providers for clearance priced flooring because we:

Deliver everytime
Don't take deposits if we don't have the stock
You can Choose, pay and pick up on the spot!
Not to mention you can shop 24/7, order samples or your full products online

Shop Hybrid SPC Flooring

From $22 m²

Hybrid SPC Flooring

Hybrid Flooring combines the mixed characteristics of waterproof vinyl planks and durable laminate floors, to allow for a beautifully authentic design, engineered to withstand the test of time by having a rigid core, underlay built in and waterproof vinyl top that all clicks together for easy installation.

Read our latest hybrid flooring blog here.

Shop Laminate Flooring

From $16.94 m²

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a budget friendly floating floor option. It clicks together and is scratch, moisture and UV resistant making it a popular option for rental properties and those with kids or pets. Constructed from MDF or HDF with a printed top the colour possibilities are endless and there’ll be no natural variation meaning you can be confident that your sample will match the product you receive.

Shop Engineered Oak Flooring

From $36.30 m²

Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered oak flooring is a sliver of an oak tree attached to a plywood or similar base. It is structurally sound and provides a luxurious and expensive look and feel. The oak is stained and/or lacquered to give a variety of colours and finishes.

Shop Engineered Timber Flooring

From 88 m²

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring is made up of a veneer of timber on top, which is generally 3-4mm thick. The bottom of the plank is typically made of plywood. They are designed to float on underlay, providing cushioning and a moisture barrier but can generally be direct stuck if you prefer. Engineered timber gives you the benefits of a timber floor – natural variation, gum veins, knots etc without the hassle, hard work and expense of a solid timber.

Shop Bamboo Flooring

From $39.60 m²

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is the hardest wearing of all natural flooring products. Bamboo has a high Janka rating meaning it will stand up to high heels and things being dropped on it much better than any timber. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly due to its ability to rejuvenate quickly. Once cut, the roots of the bamboo remain in the ground and will produce new growth. When matured it is ready to be used again.

Shop Vinyl Flooring

From $28 m²

Vinyl Flooring

Glue down vinyl is perfect if you don’t want to have to leave an expansion gap for your flooring. Because it is usually quite thin it can often be cut with a Stanley knife meaning you may not need as many tools to install it. It’s 100% waterproof making it ideal if you want to put your new flooring in the bathroom, toilet or laundry.

Shop Flooring Accessories

Flooring Accessories

We have a range of flooring accessories available for your D.I.Y or professional installation jobs including floor trims, stair nosing, and flooring underlay. As flooring underlay is a popular accessory, we even have a seperate easy to access category here.

Need Flooring Installation?

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The TFC team can help with any flooring installation needs for products purchased through TFC or any of our partner showrooms. For more information on our installation pricing and terms and conditions, please click here.

Timber Flooring Clearance:

Melbourne's preferred destination for premium yet affordable flooring. Navigating the world of floating floors becomes seamless with our expert guidance. Our three strategic showrooms, located in Nunawading, Thomastown, and Altona North, ensure that whether you're in the east, north, or west of Melbourne, quality flooring is within your reach.

Every flooring type brings its unique flair and functionality. When considering a new floor, look beyond its beauty. Think about your home's age, its architectural style, your lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

Cheap Timber Floors

Recognized as one of the leading affordable flooring providers in Victoria, Timber Flooring Clearanceis your trusted partner in selecting the right floating floorboards, whether for a home or business setting.

Our expertise doesn't stop there. We offer a diverse range of flooring solutions, from Pre-finished solid timber, bamboo flooring, laminate, and engineered timber to vinyl, engineered oak, and the modern hybrid (also known as SPC flooring).

Need more information? Contact Timber Flooring Clearance, your go-to specialist for floating floors in Melbourne, today.

Transform Spaces with Timber Flooring Clearance

Renovating your home or office? Crafting that dream dwelling? Flooring choices will inevitably surface. While trends come and go, true satisfaction lies in a choice that resonates with you.

At Timber Flooring Clearance, we believe in transformative power. Our flooring options elevate ordinary spaces into elegant abodes. And as your neighbors secretly guess the price tag of your luxurious floors, relish the secret: top-tier quality without the hefty cost.

Why? Because you chose the smart route. You explored our vast collections in Nunawading (serving Melbourne's east), Thomastown (for the north), and Altona North (catering to the west).

Discover our exclusive range of end-of-line, discontinued, and unique flooring options. Experience them in real-life settings, feel them underfoot, and most crucially, secure them at unbeatable prices.

Maintaining Your Flooring's Elegance

A gorgeous floor deserves care. A simple weekly clean keeps abrasive grit at bay, minimizing potential scratches. Entryway mats act as the first line of defense, trapping dirt and moisture. And always tend to spill promptly with a soft cloth.

Remember, the longevity of even the finest timber floors is determined by its treatment. Avoid high heels or dragging heavy objects. A few precautionary measures ensure your floor remains pristine for years.

Discover Our Extensive Flooring Range

At Timber Flooring Clearance, our curated stock reflects discernment and value. Join thousands of satisfied Australians, from homeowners to builders and investors, who've beautified their spaces with our flooring solutions.

From laminates to oaks, vinyl to bamboo, our Altona North, Thomastown, and Nunawading showrooms showcase a plethora of options. Dive deep into each flooring type on our website, or better yet, visit us in person.

Why Choose Timber Flooring Clearance?

A holistic flooring experience awaits you. Beyond our vast timber offerings, discover flooring accessories and innovations from renowned brands like Terra Mater and Quick-Step ReadyFlor.

Skip the endless browsing. Our three Melbourne showrooms, in Nunawading, Thomastown, and Altona North, have everything you need. And for those who prefer digital convenience, our comprehensive online store offers the same premium selection.

Shop With Us: Online or In-Person

With Timber Flooring Clearance, flexibility is key. Visit our showrooms any day of the week (public holidays excluded) or shop from the comfort of your home. Our seasoned team is ever-ready to guide you.

Find inspiration in our customer gallery, and once you've transformed your space with our flooring, share your photos with us!

The Best Timber Flooring Awaits You

For two decades, we've been Melbourne's trusted flooring supplier. Experience effortless shopping, top-notch advice, and unmatched value at Timber Flooring Clearance.

Trust Timber Flooring Clearance for All Your Flooring Needs

For all flooring inquiries and expert advice, reach out to us at 03 9917 5639. At Timber Flooring Clearance, we're always here to assist!

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If you are looking for quality flooring at clearance prices, then look no further than Timber Flooring Clearance. Based in Nunawading, Victoria, we have a wide selection of quality flooring available for purchase in-store or online. More ranges added frequently so remember to bookmark our page (CTRL+D on a PC)

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