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Meet the Team

Erin Markovic - Owner

Erin Markovic is the very proud owner of TFCC. Erin always knew she wanted to own her own business but she never dreamed she’d end up where she is now. As a Chartered Accountant, who worked hard in her studies and career, she thought she’d continue doing SMSF accounts and audits the rest of her life! But when she agreed to give the family business a helping hand with a new inventory system in 2012, her passion for numbers soon extended to a passion for flooring. Always striving for more, Erin has grand plans to take over the world of flooring.  When she’s not working (which, let’s face it, isn’t often) Erin is a mum to two beautiful kids and loves her family more than anything. She is the daughter of Julie and Steve who founded TFCC many years ago. Erin came on board and worked as the General Manager for 5 years before finally admitting that she was never going back to the corporate world, and purchasing the business when Steve and Julie were ready to retire. Erin always had a clear vision of growing the business and bringing it into the future, without ever losing touch of that ‘family’ aspect and service that set Timber Flooring Clearance Centre apart.

Jaymi - Showroom Operations Manager

With experience managing many small businesses as well as large corporations, Jaymi joined TFCC to oversee the day to day operations of the business and to ensure everything runs smoothly (and to generally take pressure off Erin!). She makes sure the showroom is full, well laid out and safe, conducts staff training, speaks to customers and does whatever is required to make sure everyone is happy! Her can-do attitude and approachable manner make her a very valuable member of the team. Being a country girl, there is not much that Jaymi likes more than going out camping in the bush or diving at the beach. Spending time with her work family, developing the business, staff and upholding the vision, always gives her pride and joy.

Alex - Warehouse Operations/Stock Control

It’s always hard to sum up Alex’s role in a few words. Having been with TFCC since March 2017, she knows the business inside and out and we would be pretty lost without her. When she is not cheering on the Saints at the footy or going to the gym, you can generally find Alex at the warehouse overseeing every order. Whether it's for pick up,  delivery or installation, Alex’s attention to detail makes her the perfect person to make sure every item coming and going is correct. She is on the other end of your email enquiries and in control of organising all the stock for your orders. Liaising with suppliers, drivers and warehouse staff to make sure your product is available, correct and dispatched efficiently is what she does best!

Steve - Sales

Technically retired now, Julie gets sick of Steve at home and he comes in on weekends to swan around talking to customers and making a few sales ????. Lovingly referred to as “the old man”, Timber Flooring Clearance Centre was Steve’s baby for nearly 20 years, and he is so proud of what it has become (and is continuing to become!). Steve loves to drop in when he can. Spending time with his wife, three daughters and five grandkids is his favourite thing to do (until he falls asleep in the chair as all good grandads should!).

Ben - Head of Sales

Whether he is training for spartan races or working with his hands on projects at home, Ben has an amazing attitude. He is constantly striving to better himself and help others. A carpenter by trade combined with a customer service background, Ben has the experience to assist you on your new flooring journey. From day one in-store choosing your flooring to finishing day, Ben is there to help liaise with the installers, organise your bookings and answer any questions you have.

Jade - Administrative Assistant

If ‘service with a smile’ was a person, it would be Jade. She is approachable, friendly and likes to go above and beyond for her customers and colleagues. Jade knows her product, helps with style and colour, and can assist you with samples to help make your choice easier. She is a great cook and often makes amazing meals for the busy team. She makes sure we have all the things we need at work without making a fuss – soap, biscuits and milk seem to never run out but it’s actually Jade quietly making sure it’s all there.

Jess - Showroom Dispatch

Jess has had 7 years’ experience working in dispatch and warehousing in the building trade. She has also managed to run her own successful side business, as well as raising 3 beautiful children. Jess is the one who packs and checks every order before it leaves the showroom. She can help you with choosing quads, trims and other accessories in-store. She is very knowledgeable about the product and is always willing to lend a hand in making your flooring choices.

Jyee - Dispatch

Jyee enjoys reading and training. If you can pry him away from his books you will find him at the showroom bright and early. Before the doors open, Jyee is bringing out new products, unpacking and restacking pallets, always making sure the showroom is fully stocked and easy to navigate.  Throughout the day you can find Jyee packing and loading orders for pick up. Jyee has had years of experience in transport, logistics and warehousing. Jyee always puts safety first, has excellent customer service and is always willing to help

Salvatore - Warehouse Dispatch/Driver

Salvatore is our all rounder! When he is not teaching the team how to speak Italian, he will run around busy, helping anyone who needs it.  You may see him out making deliveries, helping at the warehouse or assisting at the showroom with dispatch. No job is ever too big or too small for Salvatore. He takes great pride in his work and always completes it with a smile :)