Meet the Team

Erin Markovic

Erin is the daughter of Julie and Steve Young who founded Timber Flooring Clearance Centre nearly twenty years ago. As a chartered accountant who has worked extensively in financial services in Australia and overseas she was more than ready when she left her high-powered career to come on board with the family business full-time and utilise her business skills to take Timber Flooring Clearance Centre to the next level. After five years as the General Manager, she purchased the business at the beginning of 2018.

Alexandra Ray

Besides being an enthusiastic St Kilda supporter (she also volunteers for the club in her spare time) and an avid Daniel Ricciardo fan, Alex is just as passionate about this business and has now become our General Manager. Stock management and our clients’ experiences are Alex’s focus within the business, followed by the dispatching of orders (both pick-ups and deliveries) as well as ordering stock and monitoring stock coming in from suppliers. Alex can often be seen running back and forth to the warehouse to ensure everything is going as planned!

Steve Young

Steve started TFCC with his wife Julie many moons ago. Steve has worked in retail from a young age and worked in flooring for 21 years before taking the plunge into business when he and his wife invested their life savings of $4,000 in one pallet of flooring. When that sold, they bought two more and Timber Flooring Clearance Centre was born. Since then the business has grown exponentially and it is Steve’s absolute passion. So much so that when he retired in January 2018 he couldn’t stay away and you can now find him cruising the showroom floor a couple of days a week. When he’s not here chatting to his adoring fans (our wonderful customers and suppliers), he loves travelling and spending time with his five gorgeous grandchildren.

Mark Condon

With 30 years’ experience in the logistics and warehousing industry, Mark joined our team to help shape the future of our supply chain. Mostly out on the road these days, there is a good chance that Mark has either picked up your flooring, delivered it, or both!

Jorja Steer

Whilst she is one of the newer members of our team, Jorja has a lot of experience in warehouse operations which made her the perfect candidate to run our busy warehouse. With Alex, she is involved in the receipt of stock coming in from suppliers, organising the warehouse to make everything fit and packing orders for pick-up and delivery dispatch. Sometimes she will even do the deliveries herself! Whatever task is presented to her, Jorja will get it done.

From 5pm Wednesday 25th March I will be closing the doors to the showroom. This has been a tough decision but one I feel is necessary to do my part in stopping the spread of this horrible virus. Deliveries, pick ups and installations will continue to take place as long as we are legally and safely able to do so. I will be available via email (not phone) on enquiries@timberflooringclearance.com.au to take orders, book deliveries and installations, make appointment times for collection of goods, arrange to mail samples, send photos etc. I am doing my best to get through the huge backlog of emails and messages we have and will get back to everyone as soon as possible. I beg that you don’t call or send more than one email, as it only slows me down in getting back to everyone, including you! We will be operating with minimal staff on minimal hours so I ask that you be patient and understand that we will all be doing our best.

Now, I ask that you please don’t panic. Timber Flooring Clearance Centre is not going anywhere. I am not running away with your deposit or your flooring. As long as we are legally allowed to do so, we will be supplying flooring, we will just need to adapt to our changing society. IF we are told to stop any of the practices I am putting into place now, we will work around them if we can and if all else fails, your flooring will be waiting for you once the situation is over.

At this stage, if you have a delivery or installation booked for this week or next week it will be going ahead as planned. This will only be called off if we are forced to do so and I would let you know individually if this is the case.

Placing orders - at this stage we are still able to get stock from our suppliers. As this may change any minute, I strongly suggest you place any orders you’ve been holding off on placing. If your goods are in my warehouse I have a much better chance of getting them to you than if they are with a supplier. As I’m sure you’re aware, stock is going to become increasingly hard to get and the prices will go up as the dollar continues to drop. Again, the sooner you lock in your order the better off you will be.

Installations – again, at this point we have not been told to stop these so we will continue with the ones that have been booked in and will continue booking them in while we can. However, I ask that you consider whether it’s something that needs to be done now or if it can wait until things calm down a bit.

I will provide any further updates as I need to via Facebook and our website but I think for now this is our best option in a bad situation. If you would like to be put on an email list to receive updates (regarding this situation only) please let me know as I currently don’t have a mailing list as I personally hate SPAM and never wanted to inflict that on my contacts.

I truly thank all my customers, suppliers, staff and sub-contractors for their ongoing support.