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Due to us having to move out of our warehouse by May, all items now are 10% off storewide and this overrides all discounts. Also, we will not be able to offer 20% deposit to secure order and all orders need to be picked up/delivered within 2 weeks of placing your order. Until further notice, ignore anything stating otherwise below this alert and throughout the website.

Spotted Gum Timber Flooring - A Superb Pick for Your Homes Flooring

Spotted gum is one of Australia’s most sought after hardwoods and these wood types results in some of the most beautiful timber flooring solutions to be found. 
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Spotted gum timber is the common name given to four species of tree that grow on the east coast of Australia.  The planks are made of slender, straight tree trunks with a smooth bark that sheds in patches.  This shedding gives these trees their spotted appearance.

At Timber Flooring Clearance we sell the finest quality spotted gum flooring products at the best possible prices.  You can view our online deals or visit our spacious warehouse where you can touch and feel all the different flooring varieties we have available in this fine quality wood type.

Reasons to Choose Spotted Gum Engineered Flooring

At Timber Flooring Clearance you can buy spotted gum flooring in different styles, designs and types but we do believe that spotted gum engineered floors are your best possible pick for all the following reasons;

Install over existing floor - These floating floors can be installed on top of any other type of floor which means there is no need to rip out and demolish your old floors before installation.

Click-in planks - Engineered flooring is available in click-in-systems. These systems are so easy to install, you can actually do it all on your own.

Eco-friendly product - Engineered flooring is highly eco-friendly, not just because it is fully biodegradable and is made from sustainable products but also because no wood is wasted in manufacturing these products.  Engineered floors are made of pressed wood and have a spotted gum hardwood surface. 

All the benefits of hardwood flooring - These floors have a hardwood topcoat that gives you all the benefits of normal hardwood floors.  The only difference is that you pay much less since these products are more affordable.

Affordable - Engineered plank is much more affordable than hardwood and the floorboard installation process is also a lot quicker and more affordable. 

A wide variety to choose from - Our spotted gum engineered flooring is available in a wide range of colours, shades, sizes and types.  This mean that you are bound to find the perfect shade for your home when you visit our warehouse.

Buy Spotted Gum Timber Floors Now

Want to get the finest quality spotted gum products for your home?  Then you absolutely must visit our warehouse right now.  At our warehouse, you can see, touch and feel all of our spotted gum products so you can identify the best material for your unique needs.

Our stock is limited so hurry up and get to our warehouse right now or order your spotted gum timber floor products right now online and collect these items from our timber flooring showroom at a later stage when you pay a 20% deposit.

So pay us a visit today and see why so many people choose to buy their new flooring from TFCC.
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    TFCC IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED. We will be accepting Expressions Of Interest for this domain name until 15th June, 2022 via our domain broker [email protected]

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TFCC IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED. NO ORDERS ON THIS WEBSITE WILL BE HONOURED. If you'd like to purchase this high ranking flooring domain please contact the brokerage team on [email protected]

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