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Laminated timber flooring is a timber look product. It is essentially a photo of timber on an MDF or HDF board. This makes it scratch and water resistant, incredibly durable and very cost effective.

Timber laminate flooring is a click system and requires no glue. It is designed to be DIY, however it does require some skill and the use of some tools. Instructions for installation are included in the pack. Whether you will be able to install your floor yourself will depend on how handy you are. Our timber laminate flooring prices do not include quads or trims. We do sell a range of these products, though most installers will include these as part of their price.
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Laminate Flooring at Knock Out Prices

There are plenty of options and many retailers out there desperate to get your attention when you are choosing new flooring. And many purchasers think that they have to spend a lot to get the best looking, good quality products. However, this is not the case. Laminate flooring is an excellent choice that adds style and sophistication to any residential or business premises at half the price of hardwood flooring or carpeting.

TFCC are the go-to showroom in Victoria for those in the know when the time comes to tear up their old floor and install a new one. Not only do we have a massive range of stock and many different types of flooring options available, but because we sell mainly end of the line, discontinued or one-off ranges of flooring, this means that we can pass the savings that we make in acquiring them onto our customers. Our reputation for prices that will not be beaten is well-known and so those that want more for less need not look any further.

What Makes Laminate Flooring an Excellent Choice

So, let’s say that your budget dictates that floating laminate flooring is the best option for you. Not only are you immediately going to save yourself a lot of money by going this route, but this decision will see you acquire a flooring option that will last for years, resist stains, scratches and impacts, and maintain its colour even in direct sunlight.

One of the main advantages the laminate option brings is that you can install it yourself. It is a very DIY-friendly choice, however, some handiness is required to ensure that you get it right. The good news is that no glue is needed because it works on a tongue and groove click system that simply snaps together. You won’t need to nail it down either, it just “floats”, or rests on top of concrete or existing flooring, so you won’t have to invest a whole lot of time once you get into the hang of laying it.

Here at Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, we love laminate wood flooring because of the variety of textures that it offers to our customers. A hardwood floor with a specific look could set you back thousands, depending on the size you have to cover, while you could achieve a similar look for a whole lot less by choosing this option.

One thing that our customers appreciate is how easy this kind of flooring is to clean. A quick wipe down gets the job done and makes life a whole lot easier for people with allergies, simply because it’s not going to absorb any dust like a carpet might.

Renowned Across Australia

At Timber Flooring Clearance Centre, we have served thousands of people from all across Australia, including builders, homeowners and property investors. Our reputation has seen customers travel from NSW all the way to our renowned showroom so that they could test the flooring in person and get a nice cup of tea and a welcome for their efforts! However, if you live further afield, you can order online, and we will get our products delivered to you no matter where you are in the country

So, if you are making changes to your home or business premises and want the best laminate flooring in Australia at a price that will beat any of the competition, there is really only one choice and that’s us, right here at TFCC.

TFCC provide an amazing range of timber flooring options with a timber floor showroom located in Melbourne. Shop online for all your floating laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, hybrid flooring and more. We also offer a fantastic range of flooring samples online.

A Full Range of Laminate Flooring Solutions

As one of Australia’s leading online flooring providers, we offer an extensive range of timber laminate flooring, in varying degrees of thickness, to meet the needs of any space. Our range includes:

7mm Laminate Floor Boards

Our 7mm Clix Laminate range includes scratch resistant flooring solutions with a 15-year residential warranty. This easy to install Quick-Step flooring range is an affordable, cost-effective flooring solution. In fact, our prices for this range are so competitive that our supplier asks that we keep them under wraps! Just give us a call on 03 9546 9076, and we will give you a quote over the phone.

8mm Laminate Flooring

8mm is a standard level of thickness in laminate flooring, offering the perfect blend of durability and affordability. Our 8mm laminate flooring range includes over 100 different styles and finishes, with options to meet every need and budget.

9.5mm Laminate Wood Flooring

For extra thickness and durability, our 9.5mm laminate flooring range is the perfect happy medium, maintaining affordability while ensuring long-lasting durability. Our Quick-Step Majestic range of 9.5mm laminate floorboards offers scratch resistant, waterproof flooring with a 25-year residential warranty.

12mm Laminate Flooring

For the most extremely hard-wearing laminate flooring options, be sure to check out our 12mm range. With over 150 different styles and finishes to choose from, TFCC offers one of the most extensive collections of 12mm laminate flooring online. With prices starting at just $19.95, combined with our 12mm laminate flooring installation cost per square metre of $25 it is super affordable too.

Why Choose TFCC For Laminate Flooring

Australians in the market for laminate flooring know that the easiest route to finding the flooring solution they want and need is to visit the TFCC online store or our showroom in Melbourne.

Why is TFCC the go-to supplier for laminate wood flooring in Australia?

Extensive Collections

We have hundreds upon hundreds of different laminate flooring options readily available in large quantities, with an extensive range of finishes, colours, styles and thickness measurements to choose from.

All Budgets and Needs Catered For

Whatever space you are covering, whatever your budget, we can offer a suitable laminate flooring option. Our extensive collection covers all budgets and needs. Whether you need to buy flooring for a small downstairs bathroom, an entire house or apartment or a commercial space, we can cater to your requirements and budget.

Secure With a Deposit

We make buying laminate flooring easy with our 20% deposit scheme. Simply pay down a 20% deposit on your order, and we’ll secure it for you, storing it safely until you need it. We can store flooring for up to 12 months for you until you are ready to lay it down. All you need to do is pay the balance when you are ready and take it away.

Buy Online

With our fully stocked online store, you don’t even need to leave your home to access and buy high quality, affordable laminate flooring. All of our laminate flooring solutions are ready to ship. All you have to do is browse, select and buy!

Delivery Australia Wide

At TFCC, we deliver our flooring solutions to any address in Australia. Once you have placed your order, we can get in touch to advise on delivery times and charges.
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