Yes, we can provide flooring installation as part of your package with us. For most jobs the cost of installing floating flooring is $25m2 including quads and trims. However if you want carpet removal, tiles removed, skirting boards attached, flooring installed on stairs, direct stick installation etc the price will adjust accordingly. Call us on 03 9546 9076 to discuss your installation options.

We can also arrange installation of your carpet purchased with us. Carpet installation is generally $90 per broadloom metre ($22.50m2) including 10mm underlay but please discuss your specific needs with us so we can provide you with a quote.

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to offer obligation free measures. However, we have three options that generally fit most situations (if none of these options suit you, please call to discuss and we'll see what we can do):

Option 1: For $50 you can get us out to do a measure. You would then come into the showroom to choose your flooring (with over 600 products on display it's impossible for us to bring samples). If/when you place an order the $50 comes off your balance. This is a great option if you know we're definitely who you're going with but don't know how much you're going to need and want to be able to budget and plan and choose accordingly.

Option 2: Overestimate what you need and we refund you for whatever isn't used (both on product and labour). This is a great option for those that don't know exactly how much they need and want something done quickly. Avoids the hassle of having to be around for a measure and means we can just get stuck in to laying your new floor ASAP. Also perfect if you don't have access yet (waiting for settlement, tenants are still there, you're building etc) but know roughly how much you need and want everything to be lined up ready to go the day you get the keys.

Option 3: You have a rough idea how much you need but want a firm measure before install day and you've chosen your product and want to get the ball rolling. Pay a 20% deposit on the entire job and we come out and measure and adjust your order accordingly.

Whichever option you choose, the full amount will need to be paid prior to installation. How do you know we'll show up and do a good job (is often what people ask)? We have an almost 20 year reputation to uphold and only the best will do. We strive to exceed expectations for all our customers at all times. As a family business, we treat people how we like to be treated and we wouldn't want to be ripped off. It's as simple as that.