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Engineered Timber Flooring for Sale

Engineered timber flooring is made up of a piece of hardwood timber on top (known as the veneer), which is generally 3-4mm thick. The bottom of the plank is made of ply wood. Also known as floating timber floors, they are designed to float on underlay, providing cushioning and a moisture barrier. Because there is real timber on the top, you get the benefits of a timber floor – natural variation, gum veins, knots etc from timber floor boards.

You can sand and polish a floating timber floor and they come with structural warranties. Timber floorboards can come as a click system or as tongue and groove (boards are required to be glued together). Whether or not you can install timber floor boards yourself will depend how handy you are. It does require some handyman skills.
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The Best Reasons to Choose Engeineered Floorboards for Your Home

If you are pondering on whether you should choose engineered timber floors instead of other types of wooden flooring solutions, then you should definitely consider the following;

Cost effective flooring - These floors are made of a combination of pressed wood and natural hardwood timber.  The hardwood top surface gives you all the benefits of normal hardwood flooring while the pressed wood bottom surface of the floorboards makes these flooring materials a lot more affordable.

Affordable installation - The fact that these floors ‘floats’ on top of your older floor also reduces installation costs significantly.  Engineered floorboards cost is much lower because you don’t have to break up your existing floor and these floors are a lot easier to install.  In fact, if you chose our click system flooring, then you can even install your floors all on your own.

Beautiful floors - These flooring types have the same natural beautiful look of normal hardwood flooring because the top surface is made of exactly that - natural hardwood.

Eco-friendly - Wood is a natural and sustainable product that is 100% biodegradable.  These flooring types are even more eco-friendly because the pressed wood combination enables manufacturers to use every bit of a tree since offcuts and sawdust can also be used for manufacturing these floors instead of just hardwood planks.

Quick to install - You can get your brand new floor professionally or DIY installed in much less time than any other flooring type because it can be installed on top or over any other type of floor.

Get the Best Engineered Timber Floors Prices from TFCC

At Timber Flooring Clearance our engineered timber floors cost significantly less than you would find anywhere else because of the following reasons;

  • We specialise in end of the line, discontinued and one-off products.  These products have been cut in cost because they won’t be available on the market for much longer.
  • We offer frequent deals and discounts on our products
  • We have order solutions where you can pay 20% in advance and place an order for a large number of floorboards so you can be sure that you will find enough flooring materials and still save money.

But these are hardly the only reasons to shop your timber floors from our business.  Here are a few other good reasons to choose our business for all of your wood flooring needs:

  • We offer a wide range of engineered wood floor types to choose from in different shades, styles, grooves, and varieties.
  • Our products all come with structural warranties
  • These timber floors are highly durable and will last you a very long time.
  • We have a huge variety of fine quality products to choose from

Buy Your Engineered Timber Flooring Now

Want to get these beautiful floors for your home?  Then don’t delay your purchase.  At Timber Flooring Clearance we specialise in end of the line and once off products which is exactly what enables us to provide our products so affordable.  But this also means that our stock won’t last very long, especially now that timber flooring has made such a huge comeback in home décor trends.  Buy your flooring now or place an order at our Melbourne timber flooring showroom so you can avoid disappointment and get beautiful floors at affordable prices.
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