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1001 Engineered Oak Flooring 2200x180x14mm

The 1001 is finally back! This stuff used to sell like hotcakes and we haven't been able to get it for a while. Now in stock but in limited supply (as always, anything on the website without a quantity in front of it has AT LEAST 150m² in stock). With A gorgeous long board and 4mm veneer it's no wonder this is a popular engineered oak. There will be some nested lengths in each box of course - these can be used for your starters and cuts. Order online or come in store to view and purchase!

$65.00 per m² incl. GST
$205.92 per box
  • SKU:OAK1001TER2200X180X14/4
  • m² per pack/lot: 3.168
  • Boards per pack: 8
  • Flooring System: Tongue & Groove
  • Width mm: 180
  • Length mm: 2200
  • Veneer: 4
  • Thickness mm: 14
  • Sell Unit: per m² incl. GST
- +
1 x 3.168 = 3.168
total: $205.92
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  • 1001 Engineered Oak Flooring 2200x180x14mm

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